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Provide best quality auto detailing service using state of the art ECO-friendly technology to save water and achieve highest customer satisfaction
We not only provide highest quality auto wash and detailing services using state of the art eco friendly technology. We help conserve water using STEAM Vapor to clean outside and inside of your car.

For Exterior: We use high pressure moist steam at around 105psi and 150F temperature (Safe for any cloth, plastic, paint or metal). Steam provides better cleaning than soapy and hot water. Heat and Pressure combined creates a powerful cleaning solution that melts away dirt, grime, oil, tar, bird droppings, tree sap like nothing else can. With a steam nozzle, we reach to all the areas and do a throw cleaning. After cleaning exterior with the steam we use specially formulated steam activated wax to shine and protect your car.

For interior detailing, special dry STEAM is used to remove tough stains and also flush out and kill dust mites from the air ventilation and ducts. High pressure Steam vapour is also used to flush out small particles from edges and corners while killing germs and bacteria from food / drink spills. Carpets and fabric seats are cleaned with steam, which is practically the only way to get rid of salt stains.

Did you know? STEAM detailing is the best way to sanitize and disinfect your car from bacteria, dust mites, mold, and fungi. Rain (water) soaking your mats, carpets will harbor and grow mold bacteria, causing bad odor. Smoke stains will start staining and ruining your interior ceiling's fabrics. Air ventilation system is full of dust mites as dust are collected in there. STEAM effectively kills all of these with heat and high pressure.

It uses less than a gallon of water to clean a car
Minimal to Zero pollution with minimal chemicals or detergents use
No water runoffs
100% hand car wash without use of brushes
High quality service
Cleans and Disinfects at the same time